London Portrait Group

THE group for London based portrait photographers

Print Competition

The annual print competition to find the London Portrait Photographer of the year is run over 4 quarterly print critiques.
Each round is judged by a guest judge.
Do make the effort to enter some work, you will become a much better photographer for doing so.
Prints must be no smaller than 10x8 inches, one entry per category per attending member.
Images can be, loose, mounted, framed or otherwise (Loose prints are OK, but should be at least mounted) It is a portrait competition, so no wedding photographs.
Singles - 1 person
Couples - 2 people
Groups - 3 or more people
Composite -
February 3 from 1 ; 3 images from 1 sitting
May this will be a Triptych, 3 separate images of the same subject.
August this will be images on a theme, make sure to sign up to the newsletter to find out!
'straight from camera' - no manipulation. a jpg of the image must be sent to by 5th November

Points are awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & merits, the photographer with the most points over the year wins.

1st Round February
2nd Round May
3rd Round August
4th Round November

*Entries in the composite round need to be supplied with a set of prints (these can be 6x4s, and won’t be judged) of the parts that make up the final image, to enable the judge and attendees understand how the final image was created, as sometimes you cant see the join!